Frosted potatoes

I am feeling a bit foolish this week. I knew that the first potatoes we planted outdoors a few weeks ago had broken through the soil and I also knew that we were expecting some frost. What I failed to do was connect these two facts in my mind, so left the potatoes unprotected.

Pots of pots

This weekend we took advantage of a brief break in the storms to attend to the most important task of our winter work – planting the early potatoes in large pots in the glasshouses. The normal time to sow the first earlies is towards the end of March or early April. We have some advantages,… Continue reading Pots of pots

Finnish Christmas recipes – rosolli

Rosolli is the classic salad accompaniment to the Finnish Christmas meal, going particularly well with the cured herrings. Some add herring to the rosolli, when it is then known as sillisalaatti – herring salad. This variant is particularly common in Sweden. We, though, prefer to serve the salad without adding herring, and serve several different… Continue reading Finnish Christmas recipes – rosolli

Finnish Christmas recipes – the baked dishes

In the previous article, I described those seasonal dishes that make up our Finnish Christmas meal. In this article, I provide recipes for the three baked dishes that accompany the main course, the ham. These dishes are each made from pureed winter vegetables – swede, carrot, and potato – all of which we have available… Continue reading Finnish Christmas recipes – the baked dishes