Maintaining a peach fan

Spring brings three important tasks involving the peach fans. The first is hand pollinating and protecting the blossom – this was covered in a recent post. Then comes the first, and arguably the most important, stage in pruning and training – the pinching out of young shoots. These start to emerge with blossom, and the… Continue reading Maintaining a peach fan

Peach Blossom

The peach blossom has just started to open in the polytunnel where we have a mystery peach tree. I have no idea what variety it is – it certainly is not the sort that I bought, as the fruit is quite different and ripens at the wrong time of year, and, given that there are… Continue reading Peach Blossom

Winter work

The blog has been quiet for the past year, largely because we did little in the garden. The only crops we planted were chillies and tomatoes in the glasshouses and polytunnel and a bed of potatoes outdoors. We tended the fruit trees and the soft fruit, but otherwise took a year out. Now we have… Continue reading Winter work

Time for tickling

It is that time of the year when the peach blossom has burst forth. Peaches and cherries produce arguably the most attractive display of spring. Aside from admiring them, during flowering one must pay a little attention to pollination, or the crop is likely to be rather meagre. Although we have a veritable hoard of… Continue reading Time for tickling

Thinning the peach bush

Following successful hand pollination, our young Peche de Vigne was carrying a large amount of fruit; far too much for the strength of the branches and too much for the tree to bring to perfection. This is quite normal, and, unless the set has been particularly poor, peach fruitlets need to be thinned each season… Continue reading Thinning the peach bush

Sowing this week

There was little time for sowing this week, but we did plenty of planting out. One has to be careful with tender plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. We usually plant these in the glasshouses and polytunnel around the first week of May. The weather has been mild, though, and the temperature has not dropped… Continue reading Sowing this week