Forcing rhubarb

Though strictly speaking a vegetable, rhubarb is most often used in the manner of fruit, and in that category it is rather useful, providing the first fruit of the year long before the earliest of the summer soft fruit. Rhubarb is easy to grow with few problems. It appreciates a sunny spot with a rich… Continue reading Forcing rhubarb

Finnish Christmas recipes – Riitta’s dill cucumbers

This post is, for this blog, uncharacteristically unseasonal. Fresh dill cucumbers are more properly prepared in the summer months, when cucumbers are naturally in season, and one would turn instead to the gherkin at this time of year. However, mother-in-law Riitta prepares such delicious dill cucumbers that we make this one unseasonal concession here and… Continue reading Finnish Christmas recipes – Riitta’s dill cucumbers

Finnish Christmas recipes – rosolli

Rosolli is the classic salad accompaniment to the Finnish Christmas meal, going particularly well with the cured herrings. Some add herring to the rosolli, when it is then known as sillisalaatti – herring salad. This variant is particularly common in Sweden. We, though, prefer to serve the salad without adding herring, and serve several different… Continue reading Finnish Christmas recipes – rosolli