Pop’s new clothes

It is some weeks since I pictured Pop, one of our Rhode Island Reds, looking a bit shabby as she started moulting. Thankfully, most of our eight girls are now coming through their moult, with a just a couple with a few feathers still developing. In keeping with the Englishman’s inherent support for the underdog,… Continue reading Pop’s new clothes

Improving egg shell quality

Recently, our girls have been laying the occasional soft shelled egg and even those with shells have been a bit thin and weak. A properly formulated layers feed is supposed to provide sufficient calcium for the production of strong egg shells. Additionally, they have access to mixed grit – a combination of flint grit and… Continue reading Improving egg shell quality

Happy Anniversary!

I have been wondering what my first chicken related post might be. We have been keeping chickens for more than a year now, but have so far been very fortunate not to suffer from any significant problems, although that makes for neither an interesting nor a useful article. Today, though, was our wedding anniversary. Coincidentally,… Continue reading Happy Anniversary!