Running out of space

The extensive renovations of the kitchen garden last year left the garden much smaller than before. This was quite deliberate, as the larger version had become rather more to manage than we wanted. The new layout may be smaller, but it is, in most ways, I think, better. There is still more than enough space to grow pretty much everything we want. There are always exceptions – peas, for example, take up so much room that we have never produced anywhere near the amount we want to eat and fresh peas remain a seasonal treat rather than a mainstay – but otherwise the space is still plenty big enough.

What has not scaled with the renovations is my tendency to sow too many things and too much of each of them. So this year we are already running out of space. In a way, we have been spoilt by the size of the previous garden, which meant that it was never hard to find somewhere to plant whatever I produced. Now I am being forced to be, in a way, a better gardener; to make more efficient use of the space and to engage in more interplanting and catch cropping than I would in the past. So now I am fitting plants in around the edges of beds, which might otherwise have remained unused, and planting in between slower growing crops. Relatively small plants such as lettuce, spring onions, and radish, are handy for this purpose.

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