Crops in the ground

As much fun as it is to sow seed and dream about the crops to come, there is something special about getting those first crops in the ground; it is the moment when all of that bare soil suddenly starts to look productive. We recently planted out the first rows of peas and the broad bean plants. This weekend we planted out the first lettuces and endive, chard and spinach, and a variety of brassicas.

The seedlings had reached the ideal stage for planting out: robust plants that were not at all leggy and had good root systems but were not pot bound. The brassicas were given plenty of space, with rows of three plants across our four feet wide beds, whilst the lettuces and other crops were spaced such that rows of four fit across the beds. Crops were divided between the polytunnel and an outdoor bed to spread the harvest. In a week or two we will sow a second batch of these crops to follow on once these have been harvested. We also pruned some twiggy sticks from elsewhere in the garden and used them to provide some rustic support to the recently planted peas.

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