Broken door

Our Haygrove polytunnel has given us several years of good service since we assembled it in 2012 and we have been quite happy with it. However, we had a setback with the door, which developed two broken welds. It is galvanised, so fixing the welds would be a chore. Whilst wondering about the best way to effect a repair I thought I would check with Haygrove whether I could get a replacement. One week later and a new door packaged arrived at no cost.

We inspected the broken welds and thought that they showed a lack of penetration. Arguably they should not have failed in the way they did. However, the door has been in service for several years without fault, so we were most impressed that Haygrove replaced it so quickly and without quibbling. I did spend a long time deciding which company to get the tunnel from, to make sure we had a good quality product. Now we can give them top marks for after sales service as well.

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