Flowering cherry

I know the weather has been a bit odd of late, but I was more than a little surprised to find a handful of flowers on one of our cherry trees. These were planted a couple of years ago along the boundary fence of the fruit cage, where the netting would keep the birds from stripping the crop before we could get to them. They are still small trees and need a couple more years to develop their complete framework, but the growth that is present is, for the most part, healthy and vigorous.

One of the specimens was budded up beautifully and looked set to provide a good crop next year. For some reason, though, a handful of flowers have opened. We did have a bit of a cold spell recently, but surely not enough to fool the tree into thinking spring has now arrived. Nor has the tree been under undue stress, and certainly no more so than the four neighbouring trees, which so far show no signs of joining in with this early opening. After a week or so, it seems that the phenomenon may have been short lived, and I am hopeful that the remaining buds will not burst forth until the appropriate time next spring. It is, though, rather odd.

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