Improving egg shell quality

Recently, our girls have been laying the occasional soft shelled egg and even those with shells have been a bit thin and weak. A properly formulated layers feed is supposed to provide sufficient calcium for the production of strong egg shells. Additionally, they have access to mixed grit – a combination of flint grit and oyster shell – as well as extra oyster shell from time to time. That is usually considered to be sufficient, but clearly our girls were struggling, although they appear to be otherwise in great health.

To try to address this deficiency, we bought a calcium and mineral supplement with vitamin D3 called Cal-Boost from This is a concentrated liquid supplement fed via their drinking water. After seven days of treatment, the transformation has been quite remarkable. I have not seen any soft shells, and all of the eggs now have the most robust shells we have seen. We will be keeping an eye on shell quality now, and will resume treatment if it becomes necessary.

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