Replanting cucurbits and some general maintenance

A little light work was carried out today in the glasshouses and polytunnel. A few remaining winter squash plants were potted on, as the outdoor bed is still choked with weeds and will not be ready for a couple of weeks yet. This is running late, but Sweet Dumpling is a smaller bushier variety and hopefully it will still have plenty of time to develop when we finally get around to planting out.

The pinching out of the excess side shoots on cordon tomatoes and their tying in should be a weekly job at this time of year. It is so easy to miss a few side shoots and skip a week, then find you have a jungle of growth to deal with, which is rather wasteful of the plants’ energies.  So, today I went along each of the four dozen plants pinching out and tying in as necessary. Those in the glasshouse seem to be taking off much better than those in the polytunnel, although it is not clear why this might be. It could simply be the extra warmth offered by the glasshouse at this time of year, or perhaps the soil is richer in the glasshouses. I am planning to provide a generous dressing of manure this winter to all undercover beds, so that should address the latter concern.

Finally, with no further sign of the menace that previously ravaged the cucumber and melon plants in the glasshouse, it has been replanted. Some plants were replaced with spare and, regrettably, others had to be replaced with bought in plants. Now I am just hoping they take off and make up for lost time.

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