The furry fiend has been spotted

Whilst doing my morning rounds – opening the glasshouses and polytunnel, feeding and watering the chickens, checking on seedlings, etc. – the menace that has all but wiped out my cucumbers and glasshouse melons was spotted, if but briefly. It was small; definitely not a mouse, and I think not a shrew either, but most probably a vole – but it was still too sprightly for me. More bait blocks have been put down to see if we can get rid of this pest – how many there are, I have no idea. I do not want to plant out the replacements until I can be fairly sure that they will not be scoffed straight away.

The melons, which looked as though they might survive, are looking even worse now – a couple of them have signs of regrowth, but others look like they might fail to recover. I may have to resort to buying some Sweetheart F1 to replace them – I’m sure one of the local garden centres will still have some in stock when I finally get around to it.