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A few chores on the hottest day of the year so far

Today was the hottest of the year so far, so not the ideal time to be working on the paths. However, CT and Riitta had weeded the paths in the fruit cage and covered all of the short runs with weed suppressing membrane, leaving the two long runs to finish. If left for too long, these would be full of weed growth once again, so getting these covered was a priority. Continue reading

The work party has arrived

Riitta weeding the asparagus bed

Mother-in-law, Riitta, arrived today for a couple of weeks of hard labour – or, holiday, as she calls it. CT has also taken two weeks off work, so, weather depending, we can get the garden into reasonable order. It did not take long before the asparagus bed was weeded. This was long overdue and needs to be done with great care, so as not to harm the shallow roots of the asparagus crowns. Fingers, gloved for the particularly nasty specimens if need be, are the best tools. Trowels really are not a good idea.  Continue reading

A day of weeding and planting potatoes

The ‘Speedhoe’ makes light work of small weeds

CT and I spent a long hot afternoon in the garden – this time with help from our good friend Tuula. Beds were weeded, tomatoes were pinched out and tied in to supports in the polytunnel, essential watering was done, and another bed was planted with potatoes. Generally, I have little interest in gadgets in either the kitchen or the garden, preferring the good old tools of the trade that have served well enough for centuries. However, I was recently given a Haxnicks ‘Speedhoe’, which I have found to be quite excellent. It has a smallish head, but is thin and sharp, working on both the push and the pull stroke. The long handle makes it comfortable in use, and it can rapidly rip through the leaves. I like it so much that I immediately bought the smaller ‘Precision’ version of the product for close work. Today was ideal for getting the hoe going; although it will help whatever the weather, on hot sunny days, the roots of the weeds soon dry out and die before they have a chance to root once again. Continue reading

Beans, beans, and more beans

Tackling the weeds

Today was a hard one. One of the two beds designated for legumes in this rotation was previously home to overwintered leeks. The remaining few had thrown up a flower spike and the rest of the bed had become overgrown with weeds. Fortunately, most of the weeds were shallow rooted and readily pulled out – helped by the loose soil that comes from these lightly cultivated beds. They seem barely compacted by the winter and spring rains, and need little more than a light raking to prepare for sowing. Continue reading