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A pile of freshly prepared potato gnocchi

A pile of freshly prepared potato gnocchi

Gnocchi are the small dumplings commonly prepared in Italy. Whilst they can be made from various ingredients, those prepared from potatoes, gnocchi di patate, are the most common. With a sack full of suitable potatoes in the shed, we have been enjoying plenty of freshly prepared gnocchi of late. Gnocchi can be rather heavy and chewy, but with a little care, the home made version is ever so light and absolutely delicious. They are simple to make, and the results should be exceptional, once a few critical notions are appreciated that will ensure a good flavour and light texture. Continue reading

Pasta with sage sauce

The vibrant leaves of fresh sage

The vibrant leaves of fresh sage are at their best at this time of year

Sage is one of my favourite herbs. It is available fresh from the garden for most of the year, but is at its best now, covered with vibrant new growth. It is an odd herb in some ways, as it must be used sparingly in some dishes else it becomes overpowering and somewhat medicinal in taste, but in others it can be used in large quantities. Stuffed pastas, such as ravioli, are often dressed with butter in which sage leaves have been fried, and then sprinkled with a little hard cheese such as pecorino or parmesan. Simple is often best, and this is just about my favourite way to enjoy ravioli. Continue reading