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Pickling chillies

Chilli Hungarian Hot Wax

Although not perhaps the most useful of crops, chillies are one of my favourite things to grow, and I do use them a lot in the kitchen. Since installing the two large glasshouses and polytunnel, the original 10’ x 6’ glasshouse that we started with has been freed up for growing chillies throughout the summer and autumn. In total, we have 44 plants in the ‘chilli house’, growing in 10 litre pots. Twenty of these are Hungarian Hot Wax, which I grow specifically for pickling. To my taste, they make the perfect pickled chilli. The flavour is much better than any shop bought product I have tried, and the heat level is just about right. At somewhere between 5,000 and 15,000 on the scoville scale, these are pleasantly hot but not excessively so. Continue reading