Planting onion sets

I have planted far too many alliums. Last autumn I set out a ridiculous number of shallots, lots of garlic, and overwintering onions. In late winter I sowed onions from seed, and I have leeks growing in a container to be transplanted later in the year. I really do not need any more onions, but,… Continue reading Planting onion sets

Planting out – peas, rocket, onions, and beetroot

As spring progresses, more of the reasonably hardy seedlings can be planted out. Here I am planting peas, rocket, onions, and beetroot. The peas were sown in lengths of gutter. I find this a really convenient way to sow as planting out is so easy – a shallow trench of just a couple of inches… Continue reading Planting out – peas, rocket, onions, and beetroot

Sowing onions

It is often said that the traditional time for planting garlic is on the shortest day of the year – 21 December – with harvest at midsummer – 21 June; I am pretty sure this is one tradition my dad related to me. I have heard some folk say that Boxing Day is the traditional… Continue reading Sowing onions

Finnish Christmas recipes – rosolli

Rosolli is the classic salad accompaniment to the Finnish Christmas meal, going particularly well with the cured herrings. Some add herring to the rosolli, when it is then known as sillisalaatti – herring salad. This variant is particularly common in Sweden. We, though, prefer to serve the salad without adding herring, and serve several different… Continue reading Finnish Christmas recipes – rosolli

The weather finally allows the main crop onions to be planted

One of the first things we plant outdoors is the main crop onions, shallots, and garlic. We overwinter a crop in the polytunnel, which will be ready several weeks before the outdoor sowing. We found that those overwintered outdoors did not perform quite so well. Whilst they can stand the cold, the damp is problematic.… Continue reading The weather finally allows the main crop onions to be planted