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Final vines planted

Our row of vines was completed this week with the planting of the last two specimens. Both are suitable for outdoor cultivation and should provide some good fruit in a couple of years. They were supplied bare root and, for some reason that makes no sense to me, the scion was cut rather short. We might, therefore, need an extra year to bring these to fruit than the others we planted. The first variety is the French grape Chasselas Rosé Royale, a sport of Chasselas Blanc with sweet pink–red fruits. The second is Gewürztraminer, from which the well know Alsatian white wines of the same name are produced. The grape itself is another pink skinned sort and, although best known as a wine grape, should also produce good table grapes.


Tidying up the glasshouse fruit

Our two main glasshouses, which are mounted against a more or less south facing wall, are used for various fruits. In the summer they house part of our tomato crop as well as, variously, aubergines, cucumbers, tomatillos, peppers, and such like. Amongst the permanent planting, we have one vine in each, two figs in one, and two peaches trained against the wall in the other. The peach house also has one recent addition, which we will train against the end face, although it remains to be seen exactly how it will be supported. This latest addition came as a free replacement for a supposed pêche de vigne, which was, when it fruited, found to be quite a different sort. With spring around the corner, and the peach buds shortly to open, it was time to give things a bit of a tidy. Continue reading

Tidying up the fruit

Over the last couple of weeks we have been tidying up some of the fruit in the kitchen garden. Whilst our orchard trees will be grown as bushes or half standards, along with full sized specimens of chestnut, walnut, and mulberry, all of the fruit in the kitchen garden is trained in some sort of restricted form. Various fruits were in need of attention – the cordon apples and pears were overdue for their summer pruning, the figs in the glasshouse had become rather large and unlikely to be productive next year, and training wires, which should have been in place before planting, are missing in various parts of the garden, some of which we have now fixed. Continue reading