Planting and pruning fruit bushes

Work on our new fruit cage continues with the planting of various fruit bushes: currants, gooseberries, and a Japanese wineberry. Although we do not have as much space in the new cage, we have chosen some of our favourites of the soft fruit to grow here whilst dropping some of those that we were less… Continue reading Planting and pruning fruit bushes

Winter work

The blog has been quiet for the past year, largely because we did little in the garden. The only crops we planted were chillies and tomatoes in the glasshouses and polytunnel and a bed of potatoes outdoors. We tended the fruit trees and the soft fruit, but otherwise took a year out. Now we have… Continue reading Winter work

Jostaberry attacked by sawfly

There are several crosses between gooseberries and blackcurrants, one of which is the Jostaberry. We had a great specimen, planted winter before last and due to bear its first modest crop this year. However, it has been badly damaged by the most problematic pest of gooseberries, the larvae of the gooseberry sawfly. Their favoured feed… Continue reading Jostaberry attacked by sawfly