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Getting the bees ready for winter

The season is long here in a sheltered pocket near the south coast, much longer than in other parts of the country. Our bees are still putting honey away, the heather is still in flower, although it emerged rather early this year, and the ivy and other late season plants are yet to open. It will be quite a few weeks before our bees are ready for winter, but this week Dad and I began some preparations. Continue reading

To feed, or not to feed

Padron chilli peppers

Tomatoes, chillies, sweet peppers, and other such crops, need good fertile conditions to grow well and continue cropping throughout the season. Tomatoes in particular put on a considerable amount of vegetative growth, and produce a large amount of fruit. Providing sustenance is therefore important. Conventional wisdom suggests that feeding should commence as the first flowers appear and continue at, as a minimum, weekly intervals, with a suitably formulated feed, that is, one that is high in potash and relatively lower in nitrogen, to support fruiting rather than encourage growth. Some also advocate the use of a balanced feed prior to fruiting, although I suspect that this is not often necessary.

However, I am rather of the opinion that reliance on liquid feeds is rather unsatisfactory, and where at all possible, feeding of the soil is to be preferred, not least because it removes a burdensome task. It is the time of year, though, that I examine the plants closely to see whether a liquid feed is indeed needed – whilst I prefer not to, I do not allow the plants to suffer unduly through lack of nutrients. Continue reading