Replacement peppers

I recently wrote about the poor germination from some of our peppers. I contacted one of the seed merchants who had found a problem with one of the varieties and sent replacements. This has come too late, though, for a further sowing. New seed from a different supplier sown in the second batch has germinated… Continue reading Replacement peppers

First sowings of the year: peppers, chillies, and aubergines

Whilst the main plot is too cold and too wet for planting, and the polytunnel is not much better, it is nonetheless time for the first sowings of the year. Peppers, chillies, and aubergines hail from warmer climes, and benefit from a long growing season so need to be started early in the year. Chillies… Continue reading First sowings of the year: peppers, chillies, and aubergines

Sowing plan – peppers, chillies, aubergines, and tomatoes

The miserable days of winter might dissuade one from venturing forth to the plot, but it is the ideal time for reviewing one’s seed collection, browsing catalogues, and deciding what to sow in the coming season. Whilst there is generally some time left for this task, some plants need an early start for best results,… Continue reading Sowing plan – peppers, chillies, aubergines, and tomatoes

Chilli harvest

With the weather turning and the chilli plants starting to look a little ragged, it was time to bring in the crop. They do not seem to suffer nearly as much from grey mould as the tomatoes, but leaving them too long in the increasingly damp conditions of the glasshouse at this time of year… Continue reading Chilli harvest

Pickling chillies

Although not perhaps the most useful of crops, chillies are one of my favourite things to grow, and I do use them a lot in the kitchen. Since installing the two large glasshouses and polytunnel, the original 10’ x 6’ glasshouse that we started with has been freed up for growing chillies throughout the summer… Continue reading Pickling chillies

To feed, or not to feed

Tomatoes, chillies, sweet peppers, and other such crops, need good fertile conditions to grow well and continue cropping throughout the season. Tomatoes in particular put on a considerable amount of vegetative growth, and produce a large amount of fruit. Providing sustenance is therefore important. Conventional wisdom suggests that feeding should commence as the first flowers… Continue reading To feed, or not to feed