Planting out – brassicas, chard, and broad beans

With the worst of the cold weather behind us, planting out can continue with an assortment of brassicas, chard, and broad beans. These are all fairly hardy plants so should not be unduly troubled by a little frost. They have been grown on to reasonable size plants so are hopefully less susceptible to damage, whether… Continue reading Planting out – brassicas, chard, and broad beans

Sowing this week

This week we started sowing more of the tender crops. We started with French bean Beurre de Rocquencourt, a dwarf wax bean bearing pale yellow pods. Whilst the outdoor crop of climbing French and runner beans will provide a heavy crop over a long period, they take some time to develop. A dwarf bean will… Continue reading Sowing this week

Seed list 2014 – part 3 – brassicas

This third article in the series on our seed list looks at brassicas, a family that I am generally not quite so keen on, which is a little unfortunate as this family offers a wide range of vegetables that are very nutritious and often available in late winter and early spring when little else is… Continue reading Seed list 2014 – part 3 – brassicas