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Asparagus beetle

Our young asparagus plants have been attacked for the first time by asparagus beetle, Crioceris asparagi. It is small, not much more than ¼ inch long, but readily identified from its distinctive markings: black head, reddish brown body, black wings with six white markings. Both the adult beetle and the larval stage will feed on the leaves and stems. If sufficiently damaged, foliage, and even entire stems, can be killed. This may weaken the crowns and can have an impact on the following season’s harvest. Continue reading

Planting asparagus

Asparagus is something of a luxury crop. It takes up quite a bit of room for only a modest yield over a short season and the space cannot really be used for anything else. Nonetheless, in its season, it is one of our favourite vegetables. It is not, though, a crop that is generally recommended for anyone without a good sized plot as there are other, higher yielding vegetables, that would probably be preferred where there is limited space. Fortunately, we have enough space to provide one 4 by 21 foot bed dedicated to growing asparagus. This accommodates two rows of twenty crowns, spaced one foot apart with two foot between rows. This is rather less than is generally recommended between rows, but I do not anticipate any problems with this spacing. Continue reading

Seed list 2014 – part 6 – odds and ends

This final article in the series looking at our sowing plans for 2014 covers those odds and ends that did not fit well in any of the previous parts. Included here are the tubers – potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. At some point I would like to experiment with other tubers, such as oca, but I doubt that we will get around to it this year. Also included are various leafy things. Continue reading

The work party has arrived

Riitta weeding the asparagus bed

Mother-in-law, Riitta, arrived today for a couple of weeks of hard labour – or, holiday, as she calls it. CT has also taken two weeks off work, so, weather depending, we can get the garden into reasonable order. It did not take long before the asparagus bed was weeded. This was long overdue and needs to be done with great care, so as not to harm the shallow roots of the asparagus crowns. Fingers, gloved for the particularly nasty specimens if need be, are the best tools. Trowels really are not a good idea.  Continue reading