Planting asparagus

An asparagus bed is an investment in both time and space. It is not, perhaps, the most productive of crops for the area it occupies and as a perennial crop it occupies that space year round. It also takes time to develop. If starting from crowns, which are one year old plants, it will be… Continue reading Planting asparagus

Asparagus beetle

Our young asparagus plants have been attacked for the first time by asparagus beetle, Crioceris asparagi. It is small, not much more than ¼ inch long, but readily identified from its distinctive markings: black head, reddish brown body, black wings with six white markings. Both the adult beetle and the larval stage will feed on… Continue reading Asparagus beetle

Planting asparagus

Asparagus is something of a luxury crop. It takes up quite a bit of room for only a modest yield over a short season and the space cannot really be used for anything else. Nonetheless, in its season, it is one of our favourite vegetables. It is not, though, a crop that is generally recommended… Continue reading Planting asparagus

Seed list 2014 – part 6 – odds and ends

This final article in the series looking at our sowing plans for 2014 covers those odds and ends that did not fit well in any of the previous parts. Included here are the tubers – potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. At some point I would like to experiment with other tubers, such as oca, but I… Continue reading Seed list 2014 – part 6 – odds and ends