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Oca and the wonderful Album Vilmorin

I had not expected to write anything new today, as we are far away from the garden, wandering around the streets of Antwerp. However, I am drawn like a magnet to book shops – even if the books on display are in languages I do not read, as attested by the recent purchase of two books from a garden centre in Finland. Browsing through the second bookshop I stumbled upon today, I came across a wonderful book: a collection of prints of the 46 colour plates that together form the Album Vilmorin – Les Plantes Potagères, along with interesting historical notes and information on the plants, in English. I had seen these before, but not in such a volume. Vilmorin, a renowned French seed company issued one plate per year, in the years 1850 to 1895, each comprising beautiful botanical illustrations of a collection of fruits and vegetables from their catalogue. Continue reading