Propagation – light vs heat

There are certain times of the year when propagation can be a little tricky. One is the height of summer when certain crops – lettuce is a notable example – do not like to germinate because of high temperatures, and when it is so easy for young seedlings to become scorched or otherwise keel over… Continue reading Propagation – light vs heat

Sowing onions

It is often said that the traditional time for planting garlic is on the shortest day of the year – 21 December – with harvest at midsummer – 21 June; I am pretty sure this is one tradition my dad related to me. I have heard some folk say that Boxing Day is the traditional… Continue reading Sowing onions

Asparagus beetle

Our young asparagus plants have been attacked for the first time by asparagus beetle, Crioceris asparagi. It is small, not much more than ¼ inch long, but readily identified from its distinctive markings: black head, reddish brown body, black wings with six white markings. Both the adult beetle and the larval stage will feed on… Continue reading Asparagus beetle

Lean on me

This weekend was spent largely on weeding out the vegetable beds, but there was a bit of time for planting out of peas and broad beans. We planted out some 35 pot grown broad beans. Our previous 15 plants will be bearing a crop soon – they are covered with flowers and some small pods.

Transplanting leeks

Leeks are normally grown in a seed bed or seed trays and transplanted to their final growing positions, traditionally trimmed and dropped into six inch deep holes. We sowed two seed trays with leeks, one of old favourite Musselburgh and one of Bleu de Solaise. Rather than transplant direct, I have for some years transplanted… Continue reading Transplanting leeks

Frosted potatoes

I am feeling a bit foolish this week. I knew that the first potatoes we planted outdoors a few weeks ago had broken through the soil and I also knew that we were expecting some frost. What I failed to do was connect these two facts in my mind, so left the potatoes unprotected.