Second sowing in February

Sowing continued today with a couple of the more tricky seeds – parsley and celeriac – along with some leeks and lettuce. Parsley is somewhat erratic in germination. Although it does not mind the cold, it will germinate better in warm conditions. We sowed four small pots with plenty of seed to allow for failures… Continue reading Second sowing in February

Planting blueberries

Just before Christmas we started to stock our new fruit cage with soft fruit, planting four varieties of raspberry. We have since added five sweet cherries that we are planning to train in something like the UFO (Upright Fruiting Offshoots) method. This week we continued the process by planting five young blueberry bushes. Blueberries favour… Continue reading Planting blueberries

Planting asparagus

An asparagus bed is an investment in both time and space. It is not, perhaps, the most productive of crops for the area it occupies and as a perennial crop it occupies that space year round. It also takes time to develop. If starting from crowns, which are one year old plants, it will be… Continue reading Planting asparagus

Replant disease

Old trees may be become unproductive, ill formed from broken wood or where diseased wood has been removed, and plagued with a collection of pests and diseases. Though there are certainly times and places where such old trees can be quite attractive as they descend into decrepitude, one may wish to replace an old tree… Continue reading Replant disease