New polytunnel

When we renovated the kitchen garden last year, we lost our large polytunnel. We had to take it down as the new fence was going to go through it. We could not then find a sensible position for it in the new layout – it was either too wide or not wide enough to suit our existing beds. The only place where it would fit comfortably was the site reserved for the new fruit cage. Instead, we decided to repurpose the frame to make the fruit cage.

With tomatoes being our most important crop, we were missing the polytunnel, so decided to put a new tunnel, albeit a rather small one, over a couple of our existing vegetable beds. This does reduce growing space for other crops a fair bit and is something I need to learn to manage, but otherwise we are happy to prioritise the tomatoes and other crops that would benefit from the protection.

The new tunnel is 10 feet wide and 15 feet long and almost perfectly fits over two of the beds, making the groundworks rather easier. We had to wait for calm weather to get the cover on, but managed to get everything ready in time for the new tomato season.

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