Early potato harvest

For many years now we have grown our first potato crop in 15 litre pots in the greenhouses. The warm, more or less south facing, wall provides reasonable protection from the cold, and fleece keeps frost at bay on especially cold nights. We often try to secure our first harvest by the end of April, which is fairly early for potatoes.

This year was challenging due to the cold conditions. This delayed planting the potatoes by a couple of weeks and we were doubtful as to whether there would be anything to harvest. Nonetheless, as is our tradition, we tipped out one of the pots to find a modest, but quite delicious, collection of tubers. This particularly variety was Arran Pilot, which produces potatoes of really superb flavour and buttery texture.

Over the next few weeks, the harvest should improve in number and size of tubers, but we were delighted to get this first harvest on time.

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