Planting out – peas, rocket, onions, and beetroot

As spring progresses, more of the reasonably hardy seedlings can be planted out. Here I am planting peas, rocket, onions, and beetroot. The peas were sown in lengths of gutter. I find this a really convenient way to sow as planting out is so easy – a shallow trench of just a couple of inches in depth is dragged out with a draw hoe and the peas slide straight in from the gutter with little root disturbance.

The rocket, onions, and beetroot were sown in cells with several seed per cell. The beetroot was thinned to five or six per cell, the rocket typically had three plants per cell and was left as it was. The onions were sown in varying sizes, from single seeds to three or four per cell depending on the variety. All can be planted out in a clump and will happily grow on together.

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