The artichoke chore

The Jerusalem artichoke is almost the perfect crop: easy to grow, requiring little or no maintenance, nor even irrigation under typical conditions; perennial; rarely affected by pests and diseases; producing a fairly good yield for the space; and can be dug as needed from late autumn through to mid spring. Its only drawback is that… Continue reading The artichoke chore

Feed the bees…

…tuppence a bag. Well, we wish it were tuppence a bag, this stuff is rather expensive. One of our hives is a bit short on bees and a bit short of food, so we have been keeping a careful eye on it to make sure the small colony does not starve.

Broken door

Our Haygrove polytunnel has given us several years of good service since we assembled it in 2012 and we have been quite happy with it. However, we had a setback with the door, which developed two broken welds. It is galvanised, so fixing the welds would be a chore. Whilst wondering about the best way… Continue reading Broken door

Shallot or not?

Shallots have been cultivated since ancient times, possibly originating in or around Ashkelon, now a city in modern day Israel, for which a former classification as A. ascalonicum was named, as well as the term scallion, which is now applied to several sorts of allium grown for use whilst green and typically with little bulb. Shallots… Continue reading Shallot or not?