Forcing rhubarb

Though strictly speaking a vegetable, rhubarb is most often used in the manner of fruit, and in that category it is rather useful, providing the first fruit of the year long before the earliest of the summer soft fruit. Rhubarb is easy to grow with few problems. It appreciates a sunny spot with a rich… Continue reading Forcing rhubarb

Busy bees

Our bees have been busy working on the spring blossom, first the pears, which flower early in the warmest part of the garden, and then the cherries, and soon the apple blossom. Temperatures last week were high enough to allow a brief inspection of the hives. Of the four that went through the winter, three… Continue reading Busy bees

Pruning the currant bushes

Our currant bushes gave their first proper crop last season. They bore very well indeed, and the fruit quality was excellent, especially the red currants, which were large and sweet, and held on nice long strigs. The buds will soon break, so it was the last opportunity to look at pruning them a little before… Continue reading Pruning the currant bushes