Honey extraction

The bees in the long deep hive have been busy and we expected to take the first honey last week, but found that it was not quite ready. The bees process the honey until the water content is just right, when it will store indefinitely, and then seal it with a wax capping, at which… Continue reading Honey extraction

New book project

I love books. All sorts of books. I love the feel of a book, the smell of the paper, and, of course, reading. My perfect holiday involves a nice quiet location with great food and a stack of books. It is no surprise, as a keen gardener, that I have a good collection of gardening… Continue reading New book project

Pear Doyenne d’Ete

The Doyenne d’Ete, or summer doyenne, is an old variety of early summer pear. While we have many weeks yet before the main pear crop begins, this early pear is generally ripe around mid July to the end of August. Like the early apples, these sorts of pear are not the finest in quality nor… Continue reading Pear Doyenne d’Ete