Monthly Archives: December 2013

Plum varieties for the orchard

This article examines our selection of plum varieties, continuing the short series of orchard related posts. We have various plums and gages growing around the border fence of the kitchen garden and being gradually developed as fans: Coe’s Golden Drop, Kirke’s Blue, Reine Claude Violette, Oullin’s Gage, Transparent Gage, and Bryanston Gage. These have been slow to develop, and will not bear much fruit for some time. Eventually, though, I suspect they will bear plenty of fruit. Nonetheless, in our mixed orchard I would still like to plant one plum, one gage, and one damson, which will give plenty of fruit for jam, compotes, and so on. Continue reading

Pear varieties for the orchard

Continuing the series of articles on our selection of orchard fruits for planting this winter, this article looks at our pear collection. Within the kitchen garden we have nine cordon trained pears: Doyenne d’Ete, Louise Bonne of Jersey, Duchess of Angouleme, Beurre Diel, Easter Beurre, Beurre Hardy, Marie Louise, Bonchrétien d’Hiver, Doyenne Blanc. These cover much of the season, from the earliest summer pear to late winter sorts, but in relatively small quantities. In the orchard, I wanted to add three full size pear trees to the collection. Continue reading

Apple varieties for the orchard

In a recent article, I discussed some general considerations when selecting fruit trees for a small orchard. This article considers our choice of apple varieties in more detail. We already have a few gnarly old trees around the house, two of which are Bramley’s Seedling, the others of unknown sorts, and nine young trees trained as oblique cordons within the kitchen garden: Beauty of Bath, Saint Edmund’s Pippin, Hubbard’s Pearmain, Ribston Pippin, Nonpareil, Court of Wick Pippin, Reine des Reinettes, Ashmead’s Kernel, and Cornish Aromatic. Continue reading