Problems with the stored winter squash

We have never had much trouble with storing winter squash before, except when some left in an unheated garage froze during a particularly harsh spell, which ruined them rather quickly. This year, though, we have found the stems afflicted with grey mould. When harvesting the squash, it is critical to leave a certain amount of… Continue reading Problems with the stored winter squash

Chilli harvest

With the weather turning and the chilli plants starting to look a little ragged, it was time to bring in the crop. They do not seem to suffer nearly as much from grey mould as the tomatoes, but leaving them too long in the increasingly damp conditions of the glasshouse at this time of year… Continue reading Chilli harvest

Pop’s new clothes

It is some weeks since I pictured Pop, one of our Rhode Island Reds, looking a bit shabby as she started moulting. Thankfully, most of our eight girls are now coming through their moult, with a just a couple with a few feathers still developing. In keeping with the Englishman’s inherent support for the underdog,… Continue reading Pop’s new clothes

And the mystery apple is…

…still a mystery. It is now just over nine weeks since I sent some samples of our mystery apple to Brogdale for identification. Today I was excited to receive the identification – apparently our apple is Barnack Beauty. As the name suggests, this variety hails from the village of Barnack, near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, and appears… Continue reading And the mystery apple is…