The stored tomatoes begin to ripen

Tomatoes ripening in storage

Just over a week after putting our unripe tomatoes into storage, it was time to see how they were doing. I had already taken 2.5kg of green tomatoes to make a batch of chutney, and now it looks as though there are enough ripe tomatoes for a couple of portions of sauce. We found two or three with moulds forming and relocated them to the compost. I suspect they would store rather better if there were not so much grey mould about when we harvested them. Nonetheless, we are quite happy with their progress so far.

This evening we took a colander full and turned them into a quick, but delicious sauce. A generous splash of olive oil was added to a pan, followed by one finely chopped chilli – a Bulgarian Carrot, so quite spicy. After a minute or two, a couple of cloves of crushed garlic were added and, before the garlic could begin to colour, the coarsely chopped tomatoes were thrown in. The tomatoes were seasoned with a generous pinch of salt, a teaspoon of sugar, and a twist of black pepper, and cooked until reduced to a thick, rich sauce. Fifteen minutes later we were tucking into a great bowl of pasta.

Ripe tomatoes are quickly turned into a delicious sauce

Ripe tomatoes are quickly turned into a delicious sauce

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