Mystery apple

We have several gnarly old apple trees in the garden, outside of the kitchen garden and the orchard, none of which is in good condition. Two are readily identified as the classic cooking apple, Bramley’s Seedling, but two others are dessert sorts of unknown varieties. One in particular regularly provides a good crop of very… Continue reading Mystery apple

Potato harvest

With Arto on hand to lend some much needed manpower, we took the opportunity to lift some potatoes. Our first outdoor potato bed was planted on 14 March, with potatoes put to chit on 24 February. The second bed followed on 2 June, rather later than expected. We had already harvested and enjoyed the first… Continue reading Potato harvest

To feed, or not to feed

Tomatoes, chillies, sweet peppers, and other such crops, need good fertile conditions to grow well and continue cropping throughout the season. Tomatoes in particular put on a considerable amount of vegetative growth, and produce a large amount of fruit. Providing sustenance is therefore important. Conventional wisdom suggests that feeding should commence as the first flowers… Continue reading To feed, or not to feed

Tomato taste test

The dark days of winter, when much of the garden is tucked up in bed, waiting for the warmth and sunshine of spring to arrive, is the usual time for perusing seed catalogues and drawing up planting plans. However, it is now, when the harvest of summer and autumn produce is in full swing, that… Continue reading Tomato taste test

Happy Anniversary!

I have been wondering what my first chicken related post might be. We have been keeping chickens for more than a year now, but have so far been very fortunate not to suffer from any significant problems, although that makes for neither an interesting nor a useful article. Today, though, was our wedding anniversary. Coincidentally,… Continue reading Happy Anniversary!

First apple of the season, and it’s a beauty

This week, we have been tasting the first apples of the season, and the first crop from our young Beauty of Bath cordon. We planted nine cordon apples two winters ago. When selecting varieties, I was particularly keen to explore old varieties, and made extensive reference to George Lindley’s Guide to the Orchard and the… Continue reading First apple of the season, and it’s a beauty

Onion and shallot harvest

In a previous post, I showed the results of our best ever garlic harvest, which produced plenty of large, good quality, and well flavoured bulbs. Certainly the weather has been more favourable this year, although with a rather cold, slow start to the spring, yet I suspect the great improvement came from growing these autumn… Continue reading Onion and shallot harvest

Late sowing of potatoes

Today we made our final sowing of potatoes. At this time of year, the major seed merchants sell so called ‘second cropping’ potatoes; a rather silly name as they are neither cropping for the second time, nor are they necessarily one’s second sowing. However, tubers sown now – at least here in the south –… Continue reading Late sowing of potatoes