Welcome to my kitchen garden blog! Here you can find my garden diary and various garden related articles.

First, though, a small disclaimer. I am an amateur gardener. Sometimes I have learnt some techniques from other gardeners, especially my parents, sometimes from books, sometimes by browsing the web, occasionally from the TV, and so on. Sometimes I just make things up as I go along. More than anything, though, I do things my way. Usually what I describe works well for me. Sometimes it doesn’t really work at all. In any event, I make no claim to being an authority on the subject, merely an enthusiastic, and no doubt occasionally misguided,¬†amateur. Nothing I write in this blog comes with a guarantee!

I should also warn that at heart I am an old fashioned sort of gardener; I like the old ways, the old varieties, and especially the old books, which I quote from time to time, and these preferences might easily be out of step with a more modern approach. I also ought to add that I am broadly in line with the so called organic movement, though I dislike the term; when I say old fashioned, I am really thinking of a time before the widespread use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides.

That said, I hope you find something interesting here, and maybe, just maybe, something helpful…

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